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Although I don't know if it is really like a Friday for me or not. I have lots to do. I've been operating our communications department sans the director and assistant director for the past two days and haven't done any of my writing. I have an entire program to write before Tuesday. Yikes. I have a feeling I'll be at the office on Saturday night and Sunday night, too, just so I can get it all done. Writing when everyone is at home is full of distractions. When I was working from home, I had all day and only one kid to manage. When everyone is at home, it is hard to do.

My bosses brought me back some fun souvenirs. The assistant director brought me a new I (heart) NY t-shirt. I had one, but it got a BBQ stain on it, so it got trashed. So, that is cool. The director brought me back this cute little Statue of Liberty. I love it. Now it is on the top of my monitor. I feel very patriotic. ;)

I'm glad the Terri Shiavo thing is over. I feel bad for everyone involved. It sounds like at the end that the parents and husband were just battling each other and nobody won. Nobody. So sad.

I'm sad for the Pope, too. I don't know why, but knowing that he got the Last Rites has really choked me up a bit. A bit more than I would have ever anticipated. I'm Catholic, but my faith still leans more toward the Episcopal/Protestant side of things. So, I have never really given the Pope a whole lot of thought. But, this makes me sad. It may be the best thing for him, though. He has suffered and from what I understand, suffering has been one of his "things" in the homiles and papers he has written. He has said that it brings us closer to Jesus and I think he's right. If you've ever been really down, the book of Job is a good read. Job suffered greatly and even when he questioned his faith, he always found his way back. It was a good read for me when I was suffering from PPD (post partum depression). I pray for a peaceful death.

This morning was a hard start for me. I had bad dreams last night. I've had bad dreams all week and I think it is because I'm stressed and exhausted. Last night, I dreamed that my neighbor was diagnosed with cervical cancer and while I was taking care of her the roof on my house collapsed. I can see all sorts of parallels to life and I'm guessing my subconscious is afraid that while I take care of everyone else's needs, I'm not home to take care of my family's. I can see that. I've worked 40 hours already this week, without my hours today and I will likely be here this weekend, too. So, I DO feel like I've neglected everyone this week. *sigh*

Another wrench in the machine this morning occurred when I found poor little Stinkerbelle covered in vomit. She had apparently puked early this morning while sleeping and it was all in her hair, her ears, along her throat and on both sides of her neck. Bless her little heart. Her Guardian Angel must have been watching over her to keep her from choking or aspirating on the vomit. I felt so awful when I got her up and discovered it. I feared that she had done it before bed last night, but AoD assured me that he kissed her goodnight when he got home and that she didn't smell pukey. Plus, the more I thought about it, it was still fresh and moist. Eww factor. So, she got a bath and her hair washed this morning. That threw off my calcuations on getting everyone everywhere on time. But, we still managed to do OK.

Talked to my sis-in-law this morning. She is such an awesome gal. She runs a food pantry at her church and has grown this thing into feeding 200-300 families a week or more. She is my hero. Today, she was getting EVEN more food from some organization to feed even more families. What an inspiration she is to me. She is such a blessing to her family and community. I want to be more like her. She also speculated that maybe all my sex urges are because I'm ovulating. I think she may be right. Thank God I had my tubes tied because I am a hornball this week.

I am getting treated to TGIF's for lunch today by LabKat. That will be a nice diversion from all the work that lays ahead. *sigh*


  • At 10:34 AM, April 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I too am so glad the Terri Shiavo thing is over. My heart broke for her and for all of us that our government would let someone starve to death for 14 days! Even our rapist and murderes on death row get a lethal injection and get to go so sleep, and they deseve to suffer! I think her husband is one big selfish jerk, and I am confident that he will reap what he has sewn here, he is obviously doing some things out of spite, just because he can. I also wish her parents would have spent her last moments at peace with her instead of fighting so hard. I thank God that it's over for her and I pray for everyone involved!


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