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Tuesday morning blahs

I feel like I have a hangover. Less than fours of sleep will do it to you. My marathon writing last night yielded me with 13 of the 16 articles due. The other three will get done today or in the morning before my boss leaves the country. *sigh*

Flags have been ordered by President Bush to be flown at half-staff till the Pope is buried on Friday. I wish people could get this right. I have seen flags all over the region displayed in different ways. Some have all flags at half staff, others have their company flag at half staff but not the US or Texas flags. Come on people. Pay attention to things. Flag etiquette is really not that hard if my 5-year-old can understand it.

I'm having a bad hair day today. I hate humidity at times like this.

Less than a week till the Rangers home opener. I am so stoked. I love baseball so much. Heard one of our local radio personalities rename Chan Ho Park to Crap Ho Park. I like it.

Why do people associate daisies or flowers with feminine hygiene products? While going to the potty this morning, I noticed a sign on the wall of the stall that reminds these nasty gals to wrap up their feminine products before they put them in the trash and the sign is decorated with little daisies all over it. Alot of these products have daisies on their packaging, too. I'll be real honest, when I'm on the rag, I don't feel like a daisy. I will leave it at that because I'm too tired to get that gross this morning.

The Humane Society has its collective panties in a wad about Canada's annual seal hunt. Whatever. If they were endangered or something, I could understand, but they're not. Get over it.

A true hero was bestowed the Medal of Honor posthumously Tuesday. Unlike the muslim terrorists who are hoping to have their gaggle of virgins waiting for them upon their death, I bet Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith may have whatever wish he desires when he enters the pearly gates. May God bless his family for their sacrifice and God bless this man for giving his life to save his soldiers.

Today won't be as bad as Monday, but will be close. I have a couple of tours today and I still have to write in between it all. We have a soccer game tonight and then I have to return to work after the soccer game for a meeting. No rest for the wicked, I suppose.


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