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A Texas tradition

For those of you who don't know it, there is a tradition in Texas of every yuppie or suburban parent taking their children out and snapping photos of the kids in the bluebonnets, which is our state flower. It isn't an official spring in Texas until there are fields full of bluebonnets along the highways.

It is gorgeous every year and you'll see many cars stopped on the roadside with parents towing children out to sit them in the bluebonnets for pictures.

Uzz and I planned and I had all three children dressed really cute in yellow polo shirts so they'd really pop amidst the beautiful blue sky and the gorgeous bluebonnets. Alas, all our planning went south when my overdramatic emotional 10-year-old BOY went ballistic at the sight of a bee flitting amongst the bluebonnets. Now, I don't know why, but this child has a target painted on his body when it comes to critters that fly and sting. So, to a certain degree, I understand. But, this child takes things to the umteenth level of freaking out. Makes me insane. I try to calm myself, but sometimes I just can't. So, after trying to coerce, persuade and sweet talk this child into wading into the bluebonnets, we started yelling. Finally, we get him into a dirt patch near the bluebonnets, but this was a bad move because this time he stepped into an ant pile and this child has reactions that rival that Martin Short snippet from that movie years ago. So, he was in hysterics, which started to rub off on the other two. I think Uzz managed to snap off a few frames amidst it all that aren't horrible. All of mine with Pickle in them demonstrate the level of hysterics the child was in. But, we did manage to calm the other two back down and get some really cute shots of them. *shrug* Parenthood.

She actually let me put her hair in doggy ears. it was so cute.

This next one is her after her brothers were both upset. She couldn't make up her mind what she thought.

This next one is her after her brothers were both upset. She couldn't make up her mind what she thought.

Look at how much she has changed a lot from last year. This shot, taken in April 2004, is from across the street from this year's location.

The bluebonnets are part of the Texas Wildflower Program started by LadyBird Johnson, a native Texan. She loved wildflowers and her idea of helping seed the flowers along the roadsides has made the travel of Texas in the spring a must for anyone with a vehicle. They're lovely. So, here is to hoping that Uzz managed to snap something of the three of my children without anyone crying or freaking out.

happy spring!


  • At 4:38 PM, April 04, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've never heard of side ponytails being called "doggy ears." Is that a Texas saying? The kids are, naturally, adorable!

  • At 9:55 PM, April 04, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    OHMIGOD. Is that another Texanism?We always called them doggy ears and the ones in the back are called pig tails. Is that another one?

    Thank you. I think they're precious. Uzz has some more that he sent me, but I have to resize them before I can post them, so it will likely be later in the week.


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