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Penguins celebrate April Fool's Day, too

For those of you who know me, you already know this. But, for those of you who don't: I LOVE PENGUINS. With a passion. I have penguins everywhere and even my kids love penguins as a result of it. I've been in the Penguin Encounter at Sea World San Antonio and will try to make a repeat visit this summer and even get my kids in, too. Shh, I haven't told them yet until I know I can make it happen.

But, I saw this picture on Yahoo News and had to post it.

A zoo in Japan played an April Fool's Joke on the media as well as these Emperor penguins. Apparently, the penguins were intrigued with the giant until its faux head came off and showed it was the zoo's director. Then, the lost interest and waddled away.


April Fool's reminds me of Army of Dad. We had just met a few days before and I was assigned with writing an April Fool's story for the local newspaper where I worked and he happened to call me at work. (That was when I knew I had him in my hooks!) So, I regaled him with my crappy assignment and he shared some good April Fool's Day stories with me and I used them in my copy. Woo hoo.


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