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Woo Hoo!!!!

If you've ever heard Song 2 by the band, Blur, you know that it is hard to understand the words to the song. I love this song and have since it came out however many years ago it was.

Tonight on the way home from picking up the boys, this song comes on. Pickle asks me to turn it up so he can hear it, too. I oblige.

A few minutes later, Hot Rod asks me:

Mom, are they speaking Spanish?

*shaking my head* No, son. That's English, it's just a little hard to understand. Plus, why would someone have their head checked by a jumbo jet? Makes so much sense, they might as well be speaking Spanish. I still like the song.


  • At 10:26 PM, April 01, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    Yeppers...Pickle (aka Mini-Uzz) loves that song and I put it on my MP3 discs I play in the car. That kid has GREAT music taste...then again...his dad does as well. Other bands he gets into are Radiohead, Outkast (only the ones I handpick), Ben Folds, Avalanches, Interpol, DJ Shadow and the Verve...only to name a few. (sniff...) I am SO proud!


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