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Another interview meme

My buddy, Mike, at Sworn Enemy asked me the following questions. He asked them a while ago, too, but they were soo good that it took me a while to think about my answers, lame as they may be.

1. What interested you about blogging, and did you have any early influences?
I started blogging to fulfill my need to write fun things that (hopefully) people WANT to read. I write so much business stuff that I hoped to find something people would actually want to read. Plus, it is very therapeutic. I have gone through alot in the past year and it helped me deal with all of it.

2. I've read on your blog that you were once a "flower girl". Was the change to where you're at now gradual, or was there a 'defining' moment?
I was an earth girl while in college and soon thereafter. I was the barefoot, ripped jean kind of gal. The change was more gradual, but there was one defining moment absolutely. It occurred while I was pregnant with my oldest child. I went to the doctor and heard the heart beating on the little blob of goo growing inside of me. I had always been a fierce pro-choice advocate until that moment. I had a little LIFE growing inside of me. How could I ever possibly support women taking the life of a precious baby - her OWN baby, no less. I still support a woman's "right to choose" but I do everything I can to support life and the women who choose to keep their babies or put them up for adoption.

3. You can ask anyone past or present 2 questions. Who would you question and what would you ask?
The timing makes this one come to mind. George Lucas. What the crap were you thinking with the cheesey CGI Yoda fight in the last movie? Have you relinquished all control to the horrible "talent" who is starring in your movies? And, my bonus question: which way to Ewan McGregor's trailer?

4. If you could change 3 things about America,what would they be and why?
a. I would make English our official language.
b. I would make government NOT pander to other countries. Both of these share the same reason why: You can't please everyone and I'm tired of being PC and namby-pamby.
c. I would pay the military more and provide them better training. Why? I've seen and lived the sacrifices that soldiers AND their families make because they get paid so little, yet they're on the job 24/7. They also are sorely short of training - yes, a mechanic knows how to fix a humvee, but does he know what to do if he is somehow thrown into combat? I think the answer is no. This isn't true for all of them, but enough of them and it isn't the soldier's fault that he wasn't trained on what to do.

5. If you could have any car,past or present what would it be?
This is really hard. It would probably be either a muscle car from the early 70s or an old Porsche.


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