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Race fan

The official redneck in me has surfaced. I've started watching and paying attention to NASCAR. Army of Dad and I watched the Charlotte race tonight excitedly. Lots of cautions and wrecks and great anticipation at the end to see Labonte get edged out at the last second.

I've got another favorite cutie to cheer for along with Kasey. Of course, Jeff Gordon still has a spot in my heart (or in my bed if the chance ever arose, sorry AoD. I'd let you do Britney if the chance came around.)

I laughed when I caught the names of the race commentators on Fox: Larry, Darrell and (No, it isn't another Darrell, although I halfway expected that - remember the stupid brothers on the Newhart Show? Hi, I'm Larry and this is my brother Darrell and my other brother Darrell) Mike.

I giggle whenever I watch the races because it reminds me of White Trash Friday Nights in Midland. Uzz, LabKat, Gadfly and others from the newsroom would make our way out to the dirt tracks with free tickets from a coworker's husband and we'd watch all the white trash, drink lots of beer and cheer for our favorite car. Mine was the Jumburrito car. W'ed laugh at women in cow-print pants with big hair feeding Dr Pepper to their children in baby bottles. I kid you not. Made me feel far superior than the others. But, shhh. Don't tell anyone. I enjoyed the races.

JUMBURRITO!!! WHEWWWWW!!!!! *yell it in a redneck voice for effect*


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