Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I'm almost done

I've recovered from my pitiful state earlier in the day and now I'm just Momzilla. Stinkerbelle is back and doing her best to be a brat after being spoiled rotten by my parents for a day shy of a week. Hot Rod is doing his best to assert his authority as being the king of brats.

I'm almost done with the big sidejob project. Four more list compilations and it will be done. *wiping sweat from my brow*

Then, I'll have to tackle my 9-5 job assignments. Three stories to write for them. I should have them done tomorrow before lunch. Yeah right. Before the end of the work day is more likely, but I'll start them tonight. Army of Dad is working late AGAIN and I'm about to fire him. But, alas, I have nothing to hold over his head because I can't sleep with him anyway. *sigh*


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