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My little graduate

Hot Rod made mama proud today, as he usually does. The four classes all sang together some cute little diddies and then each glass had a little diploma presentation. Absolutely sweet and endearing, if not really tiring for me. Hadn't walked that much since the surgery till today. The kids had matching graduation shirts. Very sweet.

Lots of trashy parents at our school and Army of Dad and I had too much fun looking at each of them. We had a tie for our favorite. One was an overweight mom in a low-cut, sleeveless shirt with a hole in it, but I think our big favorite was the dude with the mullet. He was wearing sneakers, denim cutoff jeans rolled up, a buttondown workshirt with his name embroidered on it (I think), a cowboy hat, a cheapo gold watch and more rings than I wear. I did mention the mullet, right? He was straight off the Billy Ray Cyrus fashion party at the trailer park. Not that I have much room to talk. I had to wear my stretch workout pants so they would fit comfortably over my drain grenades. Yuck.
Anyway. Here is the class graduation picture. His teacher is awesome.

With his teacher.

With his friend.

This is the assistant principal and her little girl, who sits next to Hot Rod in school.

With dad and then with mom.


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