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Not a baby anymore

Big girl comes back from Granny and Papa's home mostly potty-trained. My mother is mortified that she isn't potty-trained yet. If you listen to her, I was potty trained when I was 12 months old. Because I am a prodigy. Or maybe it was because she ran the water to make me pee; put me on the toilet the moment I finished eating lunch; was so anal retentive and psychotic that she made me sit there till I went.

Wait, sorry. I thought I was in therapy again for a moment.

I refuse to do all those things to get her potty trained. She sits on the potty many times a day and pees occasionally during all those times. Well, she has come back pretty much going half the time or more. So, with that info AND the fact that I can't really lift her out of a crib right now, we pulled out the toddler bed and put it in her room tonight. I got out the little portable potty and put it in her room and told her that she can get out of bed and use that potty if she needs to use it. She wasn't so sure what she thought about the bed and she got out and peed soon after she was put to bed, so that was good.

But, she is not my baby anymore. That is sort of sad.


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