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RIP Mr. Delaney

My old elementary school principal died on Friday. This man was the epitome of principal when I was a kid. He was huge - 6-foot plus and when you're a dinky little kid, that is pretty intimdating. He had this booming voice that put the fear of God into you, but there were times, too, when you would think you're about to get it and he'd burst into laughter.

We got to know alot of each other during my school years. He ran a community swimming pool in the summer and I always saw him there. The pool had a name, but I called it Mr. Delaney's pool. I got in trouble a lot as a little kid and was sent to the office a few times too many and he got on to me for it, too. But, I was also a smart kid and he challenged me. For a while, he taught me and another kid (who turned out to be a National Merit Scholar) a private math and reading class because we were so far ahead of the other kids. He didn't want to see us leave that potential untapped.

The Kennedales schools will sorely miss his influence on their children.

Here is his obit:
James F. Delaney, 74, passed away Friday, June 10, 2005, in Fort Worth.
Memorials: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the James F. Delaney Scholarship Fund at Wells Fargo Bank of Kennedale. James was born July 6, 1930, to the late, James A. and Genieve Coady-Delaneyin Philadelphia, Pa. He had been a member of St. Patrick Cathedral for over 30 years and TSTA. He received both his B.A. and M.A. at Texas Wesleyan College.

Many people have attempted to describe this man that children adored and respected for years. Words such as "endearing, gruff but soft, private and to the point, and unique" have all been used. Mr. Delaney was a man of principle, standing up for his beliefs, faculty and students, always. He was the man who coached basketball early mornings before school, where any and all children were able to come, even picking them up if need be.

He had a fantastic memory, having the ability to recall students' names, stories and overall performances years after they were grown. Kennedale was blessed with this gruff giant of a man as its principal at the primary school. In 1995, the community honored him by renaming the school after him. Over the years, his school received many awards. Some of his proudest were the TBEC award for four years and having been awarded exemplary status by the state of Texas for nine years. Retirement never came. He passed away looking forward to starting his 41st year as principal at the James F. Delaney Primary School.


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