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This is it

I'm just about ready to go see the doctor and have the remaining drain pulled and the staples removed. I really hope he'll take all of them out. I'm going to try and persuade him. We took a staples pic for posterity, but the incision goes so low that I can't show the whole thing without making this an X-rated blog and I'm just not ready for that. So, you get my left hip here. You can see how low the staples go to that crease between my tummy and thigh, it goes low on my crotch, too. He had to go low to get under that c-section scar that was causing all my grief.

So, here we go. Turn away now LabKat.

To give you an understanding of the picture, the bottom left corner you can see where the crease of my thigh is starting to go into my pubic area, that line of staples (I like to call it my zipper) is just above the actual bend in my thigh. That lighter stripe that angles down toward the left is the crease in my thigh. You can still see my stretch marks, so that gives you an idea of all the loose skin that had to be removed. I do not have elastic skin and these kiddos took a toll on their poor old momma's body. But, I'm wearing bikini underwear today and my belly skin isn't hanging over the top. Hooray!!!


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