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Its getting better all the time

Was that the Beatles or one of the individuals that sang that? Or am I way off base? I think it was the Beatles or Paul McCartney. Hmm. It is getting late and I'm getting loopy. But, that song is going through my head and for good reason.

It REALLY is getting better every day.

My post-panniculectomy body and temperament. I finally started feeling more like myself again on Saturday. I'm standing up straight again and I finally have some energy and my appetite back. My back still hurts like a bitch, er, fish stick and the staples are killing me, at times. Most of the time, I'm fine, but then, I bend or reach or bump and I want to curl up in a fetal position and cry. I still can't sleep in any position but on my back and I'm still alternating between the bed and the recliner. Because of the talent Army of Dad and I have for having sex in our sleep, we're both apprehensive about me sleeping with him in case we get randy after 11 days of self-imposed medical-induced celibacy. I'm getting the shakes just thinking about it.

Anyway. I've had many women ask me about the recovery. It is getting better daily. I didn't even need the full allotment of 20 hydrocodone for pain. I weaned myself down to Alleve after only five or six days after the surgery. Now, I don't take anything unless my back is REALLY hurting. I can't do much and I stop before I do anything that might hurt me. My staples remind me very painfully if I do something I shouldn't have done.

I ripped my skin where the stitch holds my drain in place. That sucked and hurt for a few days, but the nurse advised me to wear some sweat pants or something (my choice is AoD's athletic shorts) that will hold the drain in place next to my skin, so it is less likely to move around and pull out again. It has worked well, except I look like Urkel (or some old grandpa) with pants under my boobs. AoD is about 8 to 9 inches taller than me, so his pants are a lot longer, too. I look like a dork, but it is only for a short time longer, so I'll deal with it. The drain comes out Wedneday, thank God. It is just a pain because I can't wear my regular pants with that thing sticking out of my hip. When I shower, I have a hair ribbon that I drape around my neck and tie the drain grenade into, so it dangles like a big old charm on a necklace between my boobs. I didn't realize AoD hadn't seen me do that and he crakced up last night when he saw it. It is funny in a gross kind of way.

I counted my staples tonight for the first time and have even more than I thought. I estimated between 36 and 50. There were actually 70 give or take a few. It was hard for me to count and keep up with ones I counted or hadn't counted. But, that surprised me. The worst part of the staples is that my c-section scar was really low and they had to put the incision and staples in that area of your stomach/groin that goes into your thigh. So, bending and sitting aggravates them and hurts.

But, I'm seeing progress already. No more dunlap disease * as in my belly dun laps over my waistband* and one added benefit: it looks like I got a, hmm, how to say this delicately? Hmm. No way to say it polietly, but it looks like I got a cooch lift. Swear to God. I think the difference is that he had to go sooo low on pulling the skin dow and up and all around that it just looks like it. But, I carried the last two babies so low that the top of my cooch skin was stretched out, too.

I'm still not great, but I'm getting past the feeling terribly sorry for myself stage that I was in. I can see how people with chronic health conditions can get depressed. I hated not being able to take care of myself and my kids, but I'm doing better now. Army of Dad doesn't have to put the neosporin on my incision or change my bandages or drain my grenade any more. I can do it for myself now. That first week, it almost made me pass out every time he dealt with any of it.

Now, I'm looking toward the future. No more drain on Wednesday. No more staples, or atlesat less staples on Wednesday, too. About one to two more weeks for all the swelling to subside and me to see what I'm going to look like in the long run. For now, I feel like I'm about four months pregnant. My skin is all taut and stretched and I look and feel bloated. But, I'm seeing what I think are going to be major improvements. I really like the cooch lift. I know it is lame, sorry.

counted 70 stitches
get the drain out and most of the stitches
added benefit of the cooch lift

the scar on my face is already starting to fade. Stinkerbelle says that the booboo on my face (That was what she called the mole before) is better. But, then, she curls up her nose like she smelled something bad and points to my belly and says "Mama, nanny boob on you tumock." She hasn't mastered the ST blend sound yet. So nasty = nanny and stomach = tomock. But, she is really good with the final consonant K. But, I digress.


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