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Harry Potter fever

I've got it!!!

I'm so stoked. I am doing a lingerie party at 8 p.m., but I hope to get out of there before midnight and head to Hasting's to get my copy of the HBP at 12:01 a.m.

I'll let you know if I make it or not. I'm sure Harry, Hermione, Ron and the gang will be waiting for me. And, that nasty old Voldemort, too!!!


  • At 10:36 PM, July 15, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    I've got the fever and the only perscription is more Harry Potter...or more cowbell.

  • At 11:41 AM, July 17, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Ooh, or both.

    Kudos for the vague SNL reference. One of my favorite lines from the show. What band was he supposed to be part of? The Moody Blues or something?

  • At 3:55 PM, July 17, 2005, Blogger Uzz said…

    Blue Oyster Cult:-) They are doing "Don't Fear the Reaper"! This past season, when Will Ferrell was the host, the band was Queens of the Stone Age (who rock btw) and Ferrell came out dressed in that outfit playing the cowbell with this serious look on his was genius!!!


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