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A loss to local Catholics

The bishop who blessed me when I became a Catholic died yesterday and it was sort of weird that I was more choked up about his death than I was about the Pope's. Maybe it was because I felt more of a connection with Bishop Delaney. I've heard his homiles and been to the cathedral in Fort Worth. It was where Hot Rod's godparents were wed back in 1989. I'm not sure if Bishop Delaney wed them or not, I bet not. But, it is still sad.

CREEPY ADDENDUM: I was just sorting through stuff on my desk while searching for a bill I need to pay today (yes, Army of Dad, I know I'm a pig at my desk) and I found our invitation from the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth to attend the episcopal ordination of Kevin William Vann as the coadjudicator bishop of FW. It is tonight at 6:30 in FW. I'm guessing that he'll just be ordained as the straight up bishop at this point. Just a weird little note to this blog entry.


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