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My head is pounding

I do this every time I get to go out and have a few drinks. A few turns into several and several turns into me being a dancing fool, getting thirsty and drinking a few more.

And, this morning, my head is pounding.

But, the funny part (aside from me dancing to Nelly and 50 Cent songs) is that I took the blouse I wore last night to the dry cleaners and when I hand it over to the clerk, I spot some weird stain on the back of it. *insert quizzical look here* How in the hell did I do that? I just started laughing. The dry cleaner clerk looks at me and I told him that I drank too much last night and have no idea how the stain got there. The kid starts laughing and says "We all have those moments."

Some of us more than others.

*oooh, the keyboard sounds really loud*


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