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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


T-minus eight hours

Is that the right way to say/write that?

Anyway. I'm excited about the launch today of the Space Shuttle Discovery for a few reasons. Number one, I think space exploration is cool and exciting. Number two, Hot Rod's Godparents are there as VIP observers of the launch. His godfather actually helped create some little piece of the shuttle. I've seen great pictures of a couple of these astronauts visiting my friend and her family. It is really cool. They'd fly some jet from Houston to Fort Worth to come visit his facility and check on the progress of the piece. I don't know all the specifics about it, but it is pretty darn cool. Godparents and their three kids attended a pre-launch party hosted by one of the astronauts last night and they'll attend the launch today and then stay a few days in Orlando for fun.

It is so cool. I feel like I have some small part of this space shuttle to embrace. Gives me a vested interested in it, too .

At 2:51 p.m. Texas time, the shuttle is set for launch. I'll be watching.

Godspeed ladies and gentlemen. I'll be praying for your safe travels.


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