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New ways to kill one's self

Gees. It never ends, does it? New ways for teens to try and get high and wind up killing themselves instead.

I remember the death of a classmate's girlfriend when I was just in the seventh grade. This boy was in the eighth grade and had moved to the Metroplex from Houston. His girlfriend was back in Houston and one night she was going to get high by putting liquid paper in a paper sack and inhaling the fumes from it. Well, she got high, passed out and the liquid paper got in her nasal passage and she died. I was a kid and don't remember why, but that freaked my shit as a kid. Made me NEVER want to do something stupid like that.

Today, I got an email from a friend about huffing the canned air stuff that you use to clean off your keyboard. I took notice because we actually have a can of that crap sitting on my desk at home. Not wanting to believe a kid could die from it, I snopesed it and sure enough, it is true and a real danger. Apparently, it is most common among kids about 14 to 19 who want the thrill.

Crazy the things we have to educate our children about ... I always worry that by giving them the idea they didn't have before, I may plant the seed to try it. I certainly hope not because the goal is to educate them of the potential danger and convey that the 10-second high is not worth dying or being brain damaged.


  • At 8:38 PM, June 02, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i saw a apecial on that on this show intervention i think. this child was so wacked out and she looked sickly. how could someone want to do that to themselves?


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