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Eating dirt and pizza

Hot Rod played keeper in the second half of his game Saturday. He held the other team to a shut out in his half, but alas, his team lost 2-1. Our boys just didn't have the oomph they need to be aggressive. No idea why. But, Hot Rod was pushing it as keeper.
Here is a shot of him running out after a stop to throw the ball to a teammate.

Another cute one of him on the job.

Soon after I took these pics, I was gathering up our chairs and snacks when Hot Rod made a stop and fell forward taking a header into the turf. He had a bloody nose and a bloody lip and was picking dirt and grass out of his mouth. But, his dad was proudest that he held on to the ball. Apparently, that is pretty important to these guys.

I couldn't get pics during Pickle's game because we had to leave early for a birthday party. Playing our rivals, whom we tied 1-1. Yuck. That sucked.

Took the two little kids to a big gaming center in the neighboring city. Stinkerbelle slept through the beginning of the party during most of the bowling. Hot Rod was on his way to bowling 100 when he decided to see what the electronic scoring system on the monitors would do if he stepped over the line. Screwed up his score after that.
Check out that form. ;)

After blowing was pizza, cake and gifts.

she was enjoying the cake. It was a fun partya nd the kids were really good. I just wish I had taken the stroller so she could have slept in it instead of in my arms.


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