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You make my dreams come true

I'm listening to my Daryl Hall John Oates Greatest Hits Rock 'n Soul Part 1 CD while I'm writing and wrapping up my DFW project.

Well, well, well you ... you make my dreams come true!

I love this CD. I feel so old, though. Seems like yesterday and this was put out in 1983.


Went to bed thinking I wanted to dig out this CD today and had weird dreams about Hall and Oates. Dreamed I invited them to play some event and that I was friends with them and we were going to go hang out. Daryl Hall kept playing practical jokes on me and made Hot Rod wear a tuna salad sandwich instead of underwear. I vividly remember watching the child walk up the stairs with sandwich bread stuck to his ass ... it falling off and little pieces of tuna fish crumbling off onto my stairs.

I have the weirdest dreams.


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