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Gettin' my dork on

Well, I did it again today: I dorked out to the max and had a ball. I had a dork comrade today with LabKat coming, too. Alas, I'd love to post pictures, but Blogger won't let me AGAIN. So, I'll upload them and have to post them later this week.

Today, we got to listen to Adam Baldwin as well as Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker. Was fun to hear some of their stories about the old Star Wars movies. We stood in line for 40 minutes for a Carrie Fisher autograph for LabKat. Stood in line for my autograph and picture with Adam Baldwin, too.

We had a very good time. Giggled and geeked out. Got some Christmas gifts for Pickle. I got Kat a Yoda action figure and a signature on the box by Steve Sansweet, head of fan relations for LucasFilms. Pretty cool. I'll post pics as soon as Blogger will let me. I have a bunch, too, of Pickle with some artists and more fan pics, too.


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