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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


In the huddle

Crack Daddy is at it again.


I had really hoped that Michael Irvin had cleaned up his act. Apparently not. Maybe it is his friend's stash of goodies, maybe not. Seems like a tired excuse to me. We'll see, I suppose. I loved him on the football field, but was never really a fan of his off-field antics.

Been a big football season for me. My fantasy pairing of Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer has rocked. I wasn't excited about that when the computer drafted for me, but they've been great.

And, LT has been on fire. Army of Dad and I watched him play twice his last season at TCU and he was awesome. Was just amazing to see.

Hot Rod and AoD had a great Sunday spending the afternoon at the local Hooter's watching the Vikes defeat the Browns. What could be better for them? Maybe I shouldn't ask in regards to AoD.

The Seahawks victory was good for me and the Cowboys. Hot Rod calls them the Seagulls and that cracks me up.

The Gators stomped their rivals, the Seminoles and all was good in my home this weekend. The Gators have one of our hometown boys on the team, too, Jarvis Moss. I suppose if the Gators make a regional bowl game, we'll be going. Will be fun. I haven't been to a bowl game.


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