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Stuff Portrait Friday - down under style

Random and Odd gave us the assignment this week titled Down There. So, here we go.

Nov. 4th - Down There?
Your Door Mat
Your Rug/s
Your Favorite Socks

I don't really have a door mat these days. This is the best I have. It is a little throw rug thing in the front room by the door. At Christmas, I have really cute doormats.

This is my favorite rug. It is a beautiful oriental rug my mother gave me. Cost more than I'd ever pay for a rug. Looks good, don't you think, with the spongebob beanbag and the riding toy. Oh, and I love the toy boxcutter for atmosphere.

Now, my favorite socks I can handle. My plain old white socks that I have about two dozen pairs of and pretty much wear every day. My fun Elmo socks and then my ultimate favorite penguin socks. I have a pair of those in green, too.

Go forth and play.


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