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Christmas morning

Finally, I'll post about Christmas day. I need to start taking pics of my meals, I never do that. I'm usually just so happy that I'm done cooking, I forget to do it. Here goes our Christmas morning.

Forget all those wrapped gifts. She was stoked about her bicycle.

Pickle loved his cash! Look at that smile!

The Lord of the Beans. One DVD to rule all the others.

Granny and Papa helping Stinkebelle with her princess flashlight. I just realized I have no pictures of me on Christmas at all this year - Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Only a few of Army of Dad, either.

With his Sonic shirt.

Penguin fights. Notice the Minnesota Vikings stocking hat in the bottom right. It was worn ALL Christmas day.

LabKat's gift of a little princess tin lunchbox thingee and a little coin purse were big hits. The lunchbox carries treasures in the car for when we go places.

Fold that hand Hot Rod. He had a poker kind of Christmas. He got his own deck of cards with chips and a dealer chip, too. So, he was begging everyone to play poker with him. He wore the hat all day despite 68 degree temps out side.

And, my favorite gift aside from the Serenity DVD was my flast screen, flat panel monitor. Thank you Army of Dad.

We were blessed this Christmas and we hope you were,too. The Bad News Hughes family Christmas makes mine look downright Norman Rockwell-ish! Go have a god laugh at how the other folks live.


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