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Fashion challenged

I used to be quite the fashion plate in junior high and and high school and was known as a clothes horse. I had more shoes that Imelda Marcos and almost more clothes than Princess Di. I loved dressing up and dressing cool and being hip and neato. (how is that for an 80s word?)

But, now I'm into soccer mom attire of my Adidas sneakers, jeans and sweatshirts most of the time. I pull my hair up in a scrunchie and I'm done.

So, that is why it is so bizarre that I'm hooked on Bravo's Project Runway. I love everything about it except the catty way everyone seems to act. They are showing their claws and being nasty behind their competitors' backs. But, it is a competition. *shrug* I have to say that two of the guys are my favorites on the show for their work ethic and designs. They seem to really get it. They have the fashion thing down. Of coures, there is also the guy who makes me want to pull my ear drums out through my nose so I don't have to listen to him either.

Wanna see what you've missed? Go here for the schedule.


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