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Musical kodak moments

Heard a Rolling Stones song on the way home from getting Chinese food and it made me think about the role music has played in my life. I still remember many musical firsts.

The first song I ever sang - In the Summer Time
The first album (yes LP 33 rpm kind of album) I ever bought for myself - self titled Boston (I was a cool 5th grader)
The first cassette I ever bought - Rick Springfield's Working Class Dog
The first CD I ever bought - Rolling Stones Greatest Hits

I lost my virginity to the Beastie Boys, something on Licensed to Ill, can't recall which song. Elton John's Your Song was a song that made me think of this guy.

I gave birth to my eldest son while listening to Elton John's Lion King song, Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Probably would have been more appropriate had it been Circle of Life, but it was what was on the radio. Seems like Elton John has played a role in my life. I joked about naming my son Elton John, but Uzz put a big nix on that one.

I realized my first marriage was over while listening to Lisa Loeb's Stay and I knew I wanted to marry Army of Dad listening to Tim McGraw's Don't Take the Girl and Kenney Chesney's If I Lost It.

I knew I found a gem with this guy and Brad Paisley's He Didn't Have To Be only reinforced that feeling.

There are many more, but these are the ones which immediately pop into my mind. Just funny how music plays such a role in our lives.


  • At 10:35 PM, December 04, 2005, Blogger MrsDoF said…

    Every time I hear 'Let your love flow like a mountain stream' by the Bellamy brothers, I am on a certain stretch of Interstate 70 on my way to a night class at the community college, musta been the Spring of 1977 or 78.
    I got pulled over by a state trooper, age 40ish, who asked for my license and where I was heading going 17 miles an hour over the speed limit. I told him my night class, and I would be even more late because of this. He sighed and said to slow down and sent me on my way.
    Remember, this was long before computers and cameras in patrol cars.
    The next week, same stretch of highway, same song on the radio, and here come the flashing lights behind me.
    A much younger, maybe mid-20s guy came walking up to the window. Asked where I might be headed in such a hurry.
    He took my license back to his car and had the dispatcher check it against any previous problems, and I came up clean.
    He said he'd let me go with a warning this time, but don't have such a lead foot or I might not get a chance to use the education I was going for.
    Ever after, I watched the speedometer and gas pedal for those 5 miles of the road. And my current license has stickers for Safety and Blood Donor.

    Whenever I hear that song, especially in the car, I check the speedometer, even if I'm stopped at a traffic light.

  • At 12:38 AM, December 07, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Funny how music affects our lives.


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