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Overachieving Stuff Portrait Friday

Ok, for once, I'm going over the top.

SPF: December 2, 2005 - CSI
1. Your Weapons
2. Your Victim
3. Your Crime Scene

I'm such a dork, I was thinking LITERALLY to have a photo of my weapons. I was getting ready to post a pic of my knife and my .38 special.

Ok I have three ways of doing this. My fantasy CSI SPF of links. I would use a JDAM to take out Osama Bin Laden in whatever hell hole he's hiding in.

My very literal CSI SPF. We had this gorram fly in the house for two days until Army of Dad took care of things. So, we have the crime scene: bathroom.

The victim: housefly.

The weapon: the flyswatter.

Now my Holiday SPF CSI. The crime scene: holiday events.

The weapon: more holiday events combined with my children.

The victim: Army of Dad.

Photo taken by Pickle while decorating the Christmas tree.

Ho ho ho. You'll shoot your eye out!

Go play Stuff Portrait Friday. If I can do it, anybody can do it.


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