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My five weird habits

I've been tagged by ArmyWife Toddler Mom (Army of Dad might like to see me REALLY get tagged by ArmyWife, hee hee, think of it as Army Wives Gone Wild) to list my five weird habits.

Now, of course, I don't think I do anything weird, but I imagine others would disagree. Most of mine involve weird eating habits.

1. I put my milk in my bowl before my cereal.

2. I don't like showers and take only baths unless forced to take a shower.

3. I eat ketchup and A1 Sauce on my steak, which I have butteflied and well-done.

4. I tie my shoes so loosely that they come untied frequently.

5. I have sex dreams about hobbits. Frequently, so that makes it a habit, I suppose.


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