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I have to go get my annual boobie squish Monday morning. I haven't really been consciously putting it off, but maybe subconsciously I have. I was due in July. So, what? I'm only six months late. Wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't that I have a lump that we've been watching for about 18 months now.

*double sigh*

I had a biopsy that turned out to be ok, but we have to watch the lump. Sounds more fun than it is. Anyway. So, I have to get the boobs squished Monday morning and then go to a business lunch and meeting. That should be fun.

Of course, I'm flippant about it all, but I can't help but have some apprehension that things are ok. Life is pretty good right now, so it makes me nervous. Maybe having to buy the new car was the shitty thing we had to, so the rest of life will be good. Yeah, that's it.


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