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Beware of this

I had this happen to me and when I didn't bite, the jerk never called back. Apparently, zombie debt collectors are trying to get people to pay for old debts by buying up old "charge off" accounts and then trying to make money off those who will mostly likely pay.

For some people, the debts were real, but are now way out of date to be collected on. In my case, the stupid collector guy thought I would pay for a bill that I didn't owe. He was trying to collect $182 for a phone bill. Well, as far as I can remember, most utilities won't give you a phone if you didn't pay the last bill. I know there are ways around that, but I'm not like that. I may take a while to pay something off, but I always pay it. I told the guy I didn't owe for a bill from whenever it was (like more than 10 years ago) and he asked me for a receipt. I laughed into the receiver. I'm a pack rat, but even I don't have receipts from more than seven years ago for anything aside from taxes and cars. Guess what? He never bothered calling back or sending me a bill. Yeah, that is what I thought buddy.

So, anyway, beware of calls like this. Thanks to Army of Dad for the story.


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