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Bowl me over

The day after the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party, we had one for Hot Rod at a bowling alley. It was a Sunday afternoon and the Bengals were playing the Steelers that day. I was not going to miss the game, so I had some employee turn off some stupid syndicated comedy show and to the football game and I watched poor old Carson's crappy injury occur within a few minutes after our arrival.

The kids and some of the parents went out to bowl. Here is Hot Rod checking out the scores. (Like his dad, he is ALL about winning. Not that I don't contribute to that a little.)

So, during the kids bowling session, all the moms were plopped off in a corner gabbing.

Not me. I wouldn't be able to see the TV from there. So, I got some grub and plopped down by the TV and the birthday presents. I was guarding them, you see. Yeah, that's it. Guarding the presents.

Chili cheese nachos. Mmm.

There is my soda and nachos on the table and up in the right hand corner is the football game. Behind me, was my son bowling. So, I could watch the game, go watch him bowl during his turn and everybody's happy. Ok, except the Cinci fans and Carson.

My boy won his lane and didn't finish that far behind the M dad that was playing. Of course, having the bumper guards down helped.

Wow, what form! He was winning the second game, too, when they were called away for pizza and cake.

There is my best friend from growing up acting like a pizza waitress surrounded by hungry first graders.

There is my boy turned around from the party to watch football on the TV. *wiping a tear from my eye* He's a chip off the old block.

The birthday boy blows out the candles. And, yes, those are Hot Wheels atop the cupcakes.

My friend made the mistake of telling the boys they could pick which cupcake and car they wanted. That was chaos.

In the end, he got the Corvette he wanted and he had to get the icing off somehow. Can't have a red iced Corvette, must lick it all off. We had a sugar-filled drive home and a happy kid that the Steelers won.


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