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Cold, C3PO and Soccer

Brrrr. It is freaking cold here after we've been in the 60s and 70s for the past few weeks. But, noooooo, we finally start soccer (with a tournament for Hot Rod) and we get 30 mph winds out of the north and a high that will top at 41.

We lost the first game 5-0 to a team a year older than our boys, but they actually hung pretty well. Hot Rod took a shot to the nose and had to come out for the rest of that quarter, but he went back in and did pretty well.

I'm about to do two phone interviews for stories I have due next week. Yippee. I hate doing that stuff on a Saturday, but it is all part of working from home. Then, I'm off to Sci Fi Fan Day to see C3PO and buy a birthday gift for my friend's kid. Pickle was going to go with me. We've been planning this for a month. I even took Stinkerbelle to my mom's house so we could go. But, he threw a literal tantrum at school Friday afternoon. I mean, as he was leaving to get dismissed. So, he blew it. Now, mom is going alone. Would be much more fun with my son, but he has to learn the consequences of his actions. Such is life. Instead of his picture with Anthony Daniels, it will be me.

So, I'm missing one of Hot Rod's games this afternoon. But, that is ok. We have a lot more to go.


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