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Winter Olympic Hotties

Sounds sort of like an oxymoron when you think about a Winter Hottie. But, these guys can melt my snow and create wet spots any time.

I just perused the Olympic Team site and found these beautiful male specimens waiting. First off is freestyle skier Jeremy Bloom. Next is native Texan speed skater Chad Hedrick and lastly is cross country skier Kris Freeman.

What a jawline and gorgeous teeth. And, that tousled hair.

I'm sorry, did he have hair? I didn't notice in this picture. *fanning myself*

Texan Chad Hedrick is pretty ruggedly handsome in a Mel Gibson sort of way.

Now that is an Olympic smile guaranteed to make panties drop.

How cute is this boy? Looks like he should be doing shots at a frat party.

Just keep on running. That's it, right to me, baby!

I found a Medal Tracker if you want to keep up with that. Opening ceremonies start tonight.


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