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Ahoy Matey, I see some booty!

My daughter was invited to a pirate party last weekend. Arrrr. She had a great time. They went on a treasure hunt around the complex, stopping to feed the fish and turtles. Then, they returned to hunt the treasure in the sandbox. Great fun was had by all.

Pirate mom was very creative and made this treasture chest cake. Is that cool, or what?

I felt sort of bad for the host family - obviously Jewish from the religious artifacts on the shelves and all the preschool moms are talking about Easter and Jesus and saying prayers. I'm thinking of how I could be PC and salvage things. I just decided to be quiet. It is sort of hard to work Passover into an Easter conversation. So, I started asking the mom about the cake. That seemed to work.

The little pirate in the white shirt with his homemade hook and a much too big hat was the birthday boy. The little girl behind Littel Bit in the big pirate hat is the birthday boy's aunt. Yeah, not lying about that one. Very sweet and smart little girl. She was adopted by the bday boy's grandparents when she was 6 weeks old. Here they are headed for the pond to walk the plank.

Here, they're getting bread to feed the turtles and fish.

As the kids were hunting treasure, I asked them if they knew what pirates called their gold coins. Birthday boy's sharp little aunt said she wanted to know.

AoM:They called it booty.
4-year-old aunt: EWWWWW!!!!!

That, alone, would have made the party worthwhile. Little Bit keeps asking me when she can go back to another pirate party.


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