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SPF: It's all how you look at it

Ok, this week's Stuff Portrait Friday assignment: It's all how you look at it.

1. Something Big
2. Something Small
3. Half of Something

Remember, PERSPECTIVE. It may be small to you, but get on the floor and take the picture and see how big it looks. GET CREATIVE!! Think outside the box. Half of something can be taken ANY way. Actually, all of these can be taken any way you want.

This one is hard to tell, but it is a GIANT pint, yes, you read that right, pint, of cough medicine. The pediatrician called it out for the boys to share. This is only HALF of the Rx, too.

something small is a pine cone in my garden

And, the half is one I took last summer of Hot Rod at Terminal D in DFW Airport.

I like these. Go see how everyone else did at Random and Odd.


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