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A bittersweet ending

We had our end of the season soccer party today. Our last game of the season was rained out, which is the pits because this was Pickle's last season of playing. While he was tired of the game, Army of Dad has grown really attached to the boys on his team. Some of these boys we've coached for four years and we've watched them grow up.

I took this picture a few weeks ago and I'm glad I did, since we would have missed our chance yesterday.

These kids were awful when we got them and they have really blossomed into great players that AoD is very proud of.

Today, we rented a rec center at a local church for the party. The kids have so much fun playing and hanging out. The parents tend to veg out and visit with one another.

Pickle made a poster for decorations. I use our soccer blankets as a tablecloth and made a gift bag, too.

The kids had fun. Those are some of my favorite boys. The big kid on the left is on our big team and one of Hot Rod's best buddies is there (that's his dad) and Hot Rod. Gotta love da foosball.

Stinkerbelle has made friends with the sister of one of Hot Rod's friends. And, the parents get in on the foosball, too.

Wow, Pickle was actually sweaty from playing.

Only one video game system was working, but the kids were all gathered around.

Hot Rod got Most Versatile on his team because he does it all. And, here are the sharks. Two kids missed the party because of other events or sickness. AoD's assistant coach is there next to him. That has been nice.
And, then Pickle's trophy. He does a good job with throw-ins.

And, the SuperSonics team. We were missing five kids, which was disappointing.

So, goodbye to boys under 12 soccer. Hello to girls under 5 soccer next spring. Say some prayers for us. THAT may do us in. Coach says I'm the head coach for that team. I'm better with little bitty kids anyway.


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