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Happy Anniversary

It was seven years ago today that we moved into our home.

Cracks, chipped paint, broken doors and all - I love this house and can't imagine being anywhere else. I love everything about it (ok, new carpet and a new fence would be better) but it is my home. I belong here. I feel the love of my husband and my children every time I walk through the door.

I may get mad at sticky floors from spills or stains on the doors from dirty hands - but I wouldn't trade it for anything else under the sun.

It is my home and I love it. Here it is in 2004 before we had it painted.

This is pretty much how it looked when we moved in other than we added the porch swing and the planters. I ripped up a tangle of jasmine in the front where the brick is by the garage and added flowers.

And, here it is today. There is Stinkerbelle out front blowing bubbles. We put the buckets out to catch rainwater to recycle on the potted plants. Looks like we have been doing that from the start, judging by both pictures.

Our tree on the left has grown tremendously and we planted the peach tree in the front I guess about two years ago. My mom gave it to us - it grew from a pit she tossed in her yard. We had it for a few years in a planter and then planted it. We'll have fruit this year.

Nothing beats a stick and a bucket of water to entertain a 3-year-old. She said she was making me a cake.

This was before I brushed her hair today. She has a ton of it.

She enjoyed watching the garbage truck and recycling truck come by today, too. Now, if I can get her to stop pulling leaves off my plants, we'll be doing better.

But, even these moments are the times when I love my house. Moments to treasure.


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