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An end to an era

Well, it is gone. Houston's AstroWorld has been razed and sold for $77 million. I'm sure it will likely be a mixed-use development since it is right off 610 and near Reliant Stadium.

I almost cried when I did a story about the sale today.

I have a few crazy memories of that place. When I was a pediatric cancer patient at M.D.Anderson, my parents took me to AstroWorld in between treatments. I remember having a blast except for almost falling out of some psycho swings going a jillion mph. That sucked. But, I was 7 and I got over it quickly.

Then, about seven years ago, Army of Dad and I went on a visit to Houston to see my friend BT. I remember vividly hanging out in the women's bathroom and pumping breast milk to store in a cooler in a rented locker in between roller coaster rides. I giggled at the thought of women wondering what that "swish swish swish" sound was coming from my stall. I think AoD spilled coffee on his Florida Gators shirt that day, too. Funny at the little memories that come to mind. We had a great time that day. Just me and him. Oh yeah, and my breast pump.

So, sadly, I bid adieu to an old friend.


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