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They call me the fireman

Part two of the field trip photos. We walked to the main fire station after the courthouse museum. The walk, alone, was a hike and made me a nervous wreck. I know everyone is shocked that I get hyper about making sure the kids are safe. Bite me.

We started off in the fire museum - which one of the firefighters put together, himself. They have one of the old horse-drawn firetrucks in there.

The truck used to clean my children's rooms.

The kids got to see quite a bit of the firehouse and they asked lots of questions.

That could be a good caption contest photo, huh?

The kids don't have much of a concept of personal space. This was as much space as the firefighters had the whole time. I was waiting for the kids to climb up the guys' legs.

Apparently, there is a door missing in the middle of the firetruck. Some dufus drive it into the station with the door open and knocked it off.

Of course, my kid will be the one to corner someone and ask questions. No idea where he gets that from.

Then, my favorite part: getting in the firefighting gear. *purring* Too many kids to get the guys out of the fire gear. They said the gear weighs between 40 and 60 pounds. That is like carrying one of these first-graders on your back while trying to fight a fire. They said they get really hot *no pun intended this time* in the gear, too.

This was too much fun to shoot.

He sounds like Darth Vader with all the gear on.

The kids loved this, too.

Hot Rod was going to get a turn, little Alpha boy.

I love the look of approval on AB's face. I almost forgot this last picture. I was trying to shoot the group and my son had to be a ham.

Ok, part three at the park will come tomorrow. I'm too tired to do any more tonight.


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