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Word to your mother

Surfing over to Random and Odd and found this link to a dance video that chronicles the music of my life. It is like a car wreck, you just can't help but watch this guy dancing and giggling.

See how many of the songs you remember dancing to. I remember doing the Michael Jackson moves. My son can do the Hammer Time dance. Cracks me up when he does it, too. He isn't meaning to do it. He sort of conceived it during soccer practice.

See, LabKat, he has progressed from interpretive dance as a 6-year-old on the soccer fields to the MC Hammer moves. It is a long story folks, but suffice it to say that my eldest was a squirrelly little dude on the soccer fields (still is) but he would do these moves that reminded me of intepretive dance. Now, he does his drills like MC Hammer.



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