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A historic moment

Monday, I had the good fortune of going with Hot Rod on a field trip. It was a lot of fun. They went to the historic courthouse on the square, walked down to the fire station and then had a picnic and ice cream on the courthouse lawn. Then, they loaded back on the bus and went to play at the park.

I think I'll post these pics in different posts because I have so many cute ones. First off, the courthouse. I had to do some lessons on manners with some of these kids. One kid kept trying to get my attention by yelling Hey at me. Uh-uh. Ain't gonna work little boy. I looked him in the face and we had this exchange:

AoM: Are you trying to get my attention
Brat: Yeah.
AoM: Well, you won't get it by yelling 'hey' at me. That is disrespectful. If you want my attention, you'll say 'excuse me' or something simiilar.
Brat: ok. Excuse me, Hot Rod's mom ....

The rest of the day, EVERY kid in the class would say "pardon me" or "excuse me." I was shocked.

I learned a lot of history about our county and the courthouse. The same bratty kid asked me how did I know so much about the history and the artifacts in the museum. I told him I listen and read. He was amazed. I thought that was a little sad. My kids expect us to know everything.

Apparently Sam Bass and his gang hung out in Denton for a while and allegedly burned down one of our old courthouses - we've had five.

The remains of the city and county's namesake - John Denton - is laid to rest here. The kids thought that was cool. Dude was a preacher, lawyer and soldier.

I just liked that shot of him. He was listening intently to the museum ladies. That made me proud. He likes history and that is something he got from both of his parents. I like the real-live thing, not so much the history of paint and such.

Goofy boys. The bratty kid is the one in the plaid behind Hot Rod. Of course, he's the one Hot Rod is talking about all the time. Every kid has one friend like that. The teacher left me in charge - poor kids - when she went to get ice cream. Of course, this is their chance to run wild. Nope, not with me. I gathered them in a circle and we played a game. I wasn't real sure what I was going to do once I got them in the circle, but I did a fast-paced "favorites" game. We had to pick animals, foods, colors, etc. They loved it and other kids from different clsses came over to play, too.

Another teacher asked me if I'd consider being a substitute teacher. I explained to her that I was an education major for exactly two semesters in college. I did course prepwork in the first semester and then in the classroom the second. Nope. That cured me.

This is part 1 of the field trip post.


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