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SPF: Pairs

I keep thinking of two turtledoves for some reason.

Stuff Portrait Friday is brought to you this week by the number two.

Our SPF assignment is pairs:
1. Something you have two of. *the grammar police inside me want to say "something of which you have two"*
2. Something you wish you had two more of. *same for this one*
3. “Two”

Ok, again, this has been a shithole week with no time to breathe, let alone go shoot artsy shots of various things like my two banana trees, etc. So, we're delving into my digital photo album to look for some illustrations of two.

First off, I have two Incredible sons.

Something I wish I had two more of: teacher like this one for junior high and high school.

My illustration of two: Stinkerbelle at 2. Photo by Uzz.

So, did YOU play? Anyone can do it at Random and Odd.


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