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Whirlwind weekend

It seems there is never enough time on weekends.

Friday night, we took the kids to a Kids Night Out at church and we went to eat and hit some balls at the batting cages. I still got it. Although "it" is still sore now, two days later. I can still hit pretty well, I just have some seriously sore muscles all over my body. I need to work out more.

Saturday, Great White Hunter went on a fishing trip and caught the biggest fish of his group. That afternoon, Hot Rod went to a buddy's house for his birthday and then we went to the FC Dallas game. That was a lot of fun. They lost - due in large part to a horrendous referee. The Mavs won, though, so that was good.

Today, I made the mistake of taking Stinkerbelle with me to the Pentecost mass. She was a toot, but she's 3. I had to expect that. We watched the Desperados get demolished by Orlando. That sucked. Hot Rod, Great White Hunter and Gadfly went shooting. I had to write an outline for the book I'm writing for the airport. Tomorrow, I'm off to meet with the department heads for my first interviews, then I'm off to some big opening event for some Fortune 500 company and free food. Nothing better than getting paid to eat free food with the big wigs.

My kids start Vacation Bible School in the morning and a friend is going to pick them up for me while I go work. Then, tomorrow night, Hot Rod starts soccer camp. We're just gluttons for punishment, although we're going to skip karate this summer. So, there is one less thing to stress over.


  • At 8:19 AM, June 05, 2006, Blogger MrsDoF said…

    You went from SPF to posts which took me 15 minutes to soak it all in!

    Love the pictures of everything and everybody. 'Speshly the pool party. You are quite right about how active boys are.


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