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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Independence Day Eve

On our Minnesota trip, we had many cookouts and family get-togethers and Army of Dad requested that his mother and I bake him a key-lime pie. So, we went about homemade crust and pie baking.

We had the entire family together for the first time since I've been a part of the family. It was a shame that AoD's dad was working in Korea and missed the event. It is unbelievable that we're all together. AoD's half-sister, on the far left, lives in Indiana; his sister, in the orange, lives in Atlanta, we're in Texas; and his brother, seated by the grandparents, lives in Florida with/near their mom.
Pickle loves babies and spent lotso time trying ot make is baby cousin smile. She had an earache and was pretty fussy most of the trip. Bless her heart.

She did give a smile on the monkey bars, though.

These mokney bars are from the 50s and have survived several generations of children. This is the third generation on their now. Grandma, on the bottom playing monster with the grandkids, played on these mokey bars as a girl.

The cousins had quite the time together.

And, little Bit with Uncle Loop. That was her name for him. She and Loop spent some quality time together on this trip.

Too much fun. There are so many pictures I could post. I need to find the ones of the Fourth of July parade with Uncle Loop and Hot Rod in the POW/MIA balloon float.


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