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Karate Kid

On Saturday, Pickle had his fifth karate tournament. Here he is waiting his turn to spar. The kid to the right of him, Rabeed, was his sparring partner for the karate match.

My son is such a goober. Here he is doing the Karate Kid move.
And, below, he is freaking out his opponent.

Then, the other kid got the first lick on him. But, he came back. They were tied 2-2 when Pickle got a good head strike to win the match. He has now won four out of five tournaments he's competed in.

The trophies were really cool this year, too, with a little spinning medallion in there.
We made a giant investment into karate buying him the full sparring gear. I think it will help his confidence when he is sparring in class. He had to spar purple belts in class, but I think it made him tougher. Only thing is these kids fight hard and he kept getting popped in the face. He wasn't digging that (in class, they don't have the face shield on the head gear, but with his own set, he'll have the face shield.) So, it is all good. He was pretty proud of himself. Karate has been good for his confidence.


  • At 7:40 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Mo K said…

    I'm all for children (and adults, for that matter) learning martial arts. It's excellent discipline.
    My brother and Mr. Mo did a few years of kenpo awhile back. Great experience!


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