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My Golden Glove

In honor of the World Series, I thought a baseball hunk was in order and who better than one of my all-time favorite players: Jim Edmonds. He had already left Midland by the time I moved there, but his legacy lived on. We came the year after Tim Salmon, JT Snow and Jim Edmonds were in Midland. Bummer.

Jim's catch on my honey's birthday in 1997 in Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City (where we saw the Twins play this summer) is considered one of the best EVER. Top of the fifth inning, two men on, tie score. David Howard at the plate. Edmonds, in center field for Anaheim, was playing shallow. Howard lined a shot to straightaway center. Edmonds turned his back and took off running, then dove, fully extending his body horizontal to the ground, and caught the ball over his shoulder. He landed on the warning track, a few feet from the wall. This isn't the catch below, but another great one he made another time. He has many of them.

He has mad skills in the field. He has won the NL Golden Glove every year since 2000. He won it two years for the Angels in the AL.

He isn't too shabby with a bat either.

He makes scruffy look good.

Enjoy ladies.


  • At 12:21 PM, October 25, 2006, Blogger Kelly said…

    Well, you lost me at JT Snow! ;) Ahhhh!

    OK, I've met Jim Edmonds! My cousin's husband was a pitcher for the Angels and was Jimmy's roommate during spring training. Rumor has it his nickname is "showtime" because they always knew he'd be famous! I'm so rooting for the Cardinals as there are so many ex-Angels on the team.

    Oh yes, Jim was a very nice guy in person. A little cocky, but very nice - he bought us a round of beers!


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