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Wiggles, Barney and Bob, Oh My!

We found the coolest thing at the WallyWorld in the burbs today: the Wiggles shopping cart. I thought it was one of those rides that you feed change into for 30 seconds of electronic joy. Nope, for a mere buck, you can rent a shopping cart complete with Wiggles outfitting on the side and a Wiggles video playing on the inside along with a steering wheel. Electronic joy for as long as you shop. And, shop peacefully I did. This was the view of what Stinkerbelle saw.

What better way to spend $1? It was so friggin cool. As we left, there were cries of despair because there was a Barney cart there. Why, oh why did we miss Barney, the child wailed in preschoolese. (the company also makes Bob the Builder carts, too.) Best part: there is a plastic window on the back of the cart so you can see your kiddo without having to hear yet another chorus of "Blow Me Down" by the Captain or the veggie song or whatever the Wiggles are singing about at the moment. It was great.

I may do more shopping at this Wal-Mart. God forbid all the TV carts be gone. I'll never hear the end of it. Plus, she might just jump in the cart with another kid going by!


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