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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Another fallen hero

From the story in the Denton Record Chronicle: Army 2nd Lt. Johnny Craver, 37, was killed Friday in a small town south of Baghdad when he stepped out of the Bradley fighting vehicle he was commanding and an improvised explosive device blew up under his feet. Two of his men also were killed and another soldier was injured.

His mother lives in Denton and Craver was from McKinney. he joined the Army after graduating from high school and became a Ranger and later a Ranger instructor. He got his orders last summer. On July 15, he and his wife, Natalie, signed the documents on their newly built house near Fort Hood. He left for Iraq that afternoon, never having slept a night in his new home. Craver left three children, Savannah, 12, Caelen, 8, and Emma, 3.

Craver participated in the 2005 Best Ranger Competition, which we actually watched on TV last year. I remember Army of Dad pointing out the local guy to me and we were rooting for him and admired his tenacity as he took his partner’s 80-pound rucksack and carried it, along with his own, to the top of the hill after his partner twisted his ankle.

Last year, Spc. Ernie Dallas Jr. died in Iraq. His mother works with Craver's mother at the sheriff's office. God help them both. Their families and those of the soldiers serving everywhere in the world are in my prayers.


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