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End of the season

No more baseball this year. I was just beginning to enjoy it, too.

We ended the season Saturday with a one-run loss in the bottom of the last inning AFTER we got hosed by the ump on the third out. My son scooped up a grounder and shortstop and ran to second to get the runner on a force for the third out. The ump called the runner safe. After that, the boys seemed to fall apart as they tried to hurry their fielding and either didn't come up with the ball or made a bad throw.

After the game, our coach went to a league official to complain about the umpire and our opposing coach actually apologized to our coach for beating us as a result of a bad call. Nevertheless, the kids had fun. They went to Braum's after the game and got their medals for the season. Hot Rod was very proud of his and wore it all day everywhere we went!

That's my boy!


  • At 4:24 PM, October 24, 2006, Blogger Uzz said…

    He just looks like a baseball player! I am glad he enjoyed his season...I just remember that horrible Denton league Pickle was in...the one where all three of us almost ended up in fights with opposing coaches...and that is saying something for me, it takes a lot to make me explode!


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