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The way we were

I went to my high school homecoming Friday night. I got to see some friends I haven't seen in forever. I got to see some people I haven't missed, too. ;) I also found out a classmate died a few years ago. I felt like an ass. I asked her little sister how she was doing. She gave me a blank look and said "she's dead." Gees. Open mouth, insert foot.

I was amazed at the hoochie attire as well as how despite the fashions being a little different (not a lot, mind you, as many girls were wearing retro styles from the 80s) the kids are pretty much the same. There were the beautiful girls, the jocks, the dorks, the alternative crowd, etc. It was fun. And, just like in high school, my group of friends was sitting at the very top of the bleachers talking and paying very little attention to the game. We won like 35 to 0, I think.

There are the girls from my childhood and graduation class. I'm sitting by KR, who is a friggin GRANDMA and she's still hot. Bitch. That is her hubby next to her. In the front row are KD, who I think was a year ahead of me, and CM, who I started to force feed a sandwich. Bitch got prettier after she graduated. It just isn't right. KR and CM played softball with me as a little girl, so I've known them pretty much since we were nobby-kneed little girls. They both blossomed into beautiful women.

Unfortunately, I didn't get enough time hanging out with them before I moved on to the next crowd.

Two of my best friends. LD (on the left) is one of those friends whom I don't talk to all that often, but we'd walk through fire for each other. TS, of course, on the right, is my best friend in the world. The three of us have known each other since we were fetuses. My mom coached their moms in basketball. ;)

Before homecoming, I went to the home of my skinny mini friend. I need to feed her more. I have lost 19 pounds now since July. Too many more left to go, but I'll get there. I helped her get the mum on her daughter before the game. I love the look she's giving her mom while trying to get it pinned on.

Then mom and her girls.

She doesn't look old enough to have daughters this old. The eldest is almost 16 and the younger one is 13.

Oh, and these are the girls who graduated a year behind me. My high school boyfriend was in their graduating class. First thing they had to tell me when they saw me was that RR had gotten divorced and now lives in McKinney. I guess they were dying to tell me that. Everyone (including my parents) thought he and I were going to get married. In fact, they were shocked when I left to go to school at Baylor. No one thought I'd do it. Guess I showed them, huh?

Anyway. It was fun. Lots of memories. One of my best friends from high school is now the high school principal, which was weird to me. Found out my cousin was robbed at gunpoint at the pizza place she manages. She didn't tell me. Bad guy then stole her car and set it on fire. Lovely, huh? Saw the children of people I knew and that made me feel really old. My friends and I went to our old stomping grounds and had some drinks and stayed till we closed the place down. It was good. I sort of miss the old school. It will be 20 years next May since I left that place. Damn, I'm old.

UPDATE: My yankee-born sister-in-law posed a good question to me tonight after reading my blog. She emailed: I wanted to know what those big ribbon/flower looking things your friend's daughters were wearing are all about. Is that some southern thing?
*Taking a deep breath*
Getting a mum for your date is a BIG tradition down here. The bigger and tackier, the more street creds you get. Seriously. If your boyfriend only gets you a single mum (with one flower) he only sort of likes you, but if you get a double, triple or heart-shaped mum, you're loved. ;) My funniest mum memory was when I was in the 9th grade. My boyfriend just moved here from Michigan and he asked me to homecoming. I asked him if he wanted me to help him pick out a mum and he looked at me like I had bugs crawling out of my eyes. I had to explain what a mum was and how I had to have one or I would be the laughingstock of the school to have a date, yet had no mum. So, that is what the flower ribbon thingees are.


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